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The Importance of Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement
Air Duct Replacement

The Importance of Air Duct Replacement

When it comes to HVAC system maintenance, air ducts are usually the last item on a homeowner’s mind. Air ducts are an important element of your house’s ventilation; without them, your HVAC unit would be unable to transport air from room to room throughout your home.

Problems in air duct systems impair the efficiency of heating and cooling equipment while increasing energy costs. Issues with air ducts also have a detrimental impact on indoor air quality.

Ducts are built to last for an average of 10-15 years. They are made from materials like fiberglass and plastic.

At a certain point, these ducts can be broken or damaged. The sooner you notice signs of deterioration and take action, the better. This is because you save money on your energy bill and avoid more expensive maintenance work.


Here are a few key factors to look for when assessing if your ducts need to be repaired or replaced.


Your HVAC system informally creates noise while operating, but it should not be too loud. If you regularly hear rattling sounds or if your HVAC ductwork vibrates excessively when heating or cooling your home, you should get the ducts inspected.

Keep in mind that the ducts in your home are connected together with plastic or fiberglass joints. When these joints are damaged, you will regularly hear rattling or whistling noises.

When air moves through the ducts, you will hear loud sounds if there are holes in the ductwork. Don’t ignore these noises because they will get worse over time.


It is common for some air to leak as it flows through your ducts. However, if more than 20% of the air escapes, it will eventually be reflected on your energy bill.

The explanation is simple. To enjoy a warm house, you set the thermostat to a specific temperature. The temperature inside rises somewhat, but not significantly. Because so much air is leaking, the HVAC system is inefficient.

This inefficiency is what drives up your energy cost because the HVAC system needs to work more to heat or cool your home.


You can also notice that one or more rooms are poorly heated or cooled. This can be caused by malfunctioning ductwork that does not provide enough air to specific areas of your home.

An indoor thermometer can confirm this. If the temperature fluctuations are definitely out of the ordinary, you should examine your ducts right away. This issue might be caused by massive leaks in a duct. The air will escape through these and will be unable to warm or cool a specific section of your space.


Outside dust is reaching the ducts through holes and leaks. The dust is then carried to the vents through the HVAC ductwork and spread throughout your home.

If you sneeze more than normal, you may have a dusty house, and the source of the problem might be faulty ductwork. It is necessary to act fast or else, you risk acquiring cardiovascular diseases.


Whether you want to repair part of the ducts in your HVAC system or consider a full air duct replacement job, don’t put off this step any longer!

Call American Attic and our highly trained technicians will inspect your air ducts, identify problem areas and provide effective solutions.

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