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American Attic, Oakland, California


Attic Air Duct Repair SERVICE

Air duct repairs are not about the energy savings alone. Well-maintained ducts ensure optimum indoor air quality. Damaged ducts allow pollutants from rodents, dust build-up and more into your air system. In addition, well-maintained air ducts provide maximum comfort. Properly maintained ducts deliver top air flow to the far corners of your home, helping to eliminate cold spots.

Duct Repair

Your air ducts play an essential role in maintaining your home’s temperature, however, they are often neglected. At American Attic, we want to make sure that your air ducts are well-maintained, circulating clean air throughout your home. With proper air duct maintenance, your HVAC system will be providing you and your family with efficient heating and cooling all year round. However, tears and gaps in your air duct can cost you hundreds of dollars in energy bills. In addition, damaged duct put stress on your HVAC unit, shortening it’s life span. Repairs to your air ducts helps your wallet in big ways in both the near and long term. Call American Attic and our highly trained technicians will inspect your air ducts, identify problematic areas and provide effective solutions.

When Should You Call
for Duct Repairs

⦿Your house never gets warm or cool enough, even though your furnace or AC units are working hard Sudden, unexplained increase in your energy bills
⦿Strange odor in the house
⦿Rodent infestation in the crawl space or attic
⦿Strange noises in your ducts
⦿Dark areas on the carpet, floor or wall around your air vents.
⦿Water damage
⦿Low clothes dryer performance

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