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American Attic, Oakland, California


Crawl Space Insulation SERVICE

Encapsulating your crawl space could be the most important improvement you can make for the health of your home and your pocketbook. With Northern California’s naturally humid climate, our homes are very susceptible to challenges some other areas may not face. You may notice your floors are uneven. Some homes have musty or mildew odors. If you’re seeing any of these problem, American Attic will be more than happy to offer a free inspection and evaluation.

Benefits of Crawl
Space Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation has a variety of benefits which include lower monthly energy bills and healthier air in your home. Properly insulating crawl space locks in hot or chilly air, keeping your home more comfortable in the summer and winter months. Over time, you’ll recoup over and above the costs of insulation by saving money you otherwise would have spent to keep your furnace running. When combined with the rest of your insulation system, effective crawl space insulation keeps outside air infiltration at a minimum, meaning your heating and cooling equipment does not have to operate as hard. Homeowners can expect to see a 15-20% reduction in energy costs in the short term and longer running heating and cooling equipment in the future. Air quality is also vastly improved, which helps to reduce the chances of contracting illnesses, particularly ones that are caused by mold or mildew.

Crawl Space
Insulation Removal

Your insulation doesn’t hold up forever, especially in a space susceptible to moisture and pests like your crawl space. Over the years, the insulation in your crawl space starts to wither and decay which results in a loss of R-value (inches of insulation). This can be because of rodents who have made their homes inside the insulation and are now using it to mate and sleep. The insulation may also become infested with rodent feces. This causes the insulation to collapse gradually and creates a terrible smell in your home. American Attic’s team of professionals are highly trained and skilled in removing all the existing insulation in your crawl space and encapsulating the space with efficient new insulation.