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If your home was built with a crawl space foundation, as opposed to a full basement, you probably don’t go down there very often. In fact, many people have never even looked in their crawl space. Unfortunately, most crawl spaces have dirt floors, as builders rarely went to the expense of pouring a concrete floor if they didn’t dig a full basement.

What Is a
Vapor Barrier?

A vapor barrier or moisture barrier is basically a giant plastic covering that is laid down on the entire surface of the floor and is also stapled to the seams of the walls. This will prevent any moisture from rising from your crawlspace into your home. If the ground moisture is not contained, it will promote the growth of mold and fungi causing bad smells to formulate in your crawlspace, which eventually seeps through the entire house. If your crawl space feels humid or has an awful odor, moisture from the uncovered earth is a likely culprit. A crawl space that does not have a vapor barrier installed is considered unfinished and can lead to problems such as mold growth, dust mites, dry rot, bugs, and critters. A dirt floor is a breeding ground for moisture, termites, and mold.

The Benefits of A
Vapor Barrier

Installing a proper vapor barrier can help in preventing overall moisture in your home.  The vapor barrier helps to stave off mold, termites, insects, rodents and other critters. Your vapor barrier is a protective barrier against predictable problems and damage. By having a vapor barrier installed by American Attic, you will rest easier knowing that your crawl space is protected from mold and infestations and your family is protected from danger that mold and rodents brings into the home.

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