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American Attic, Oakland, California


Professional Air Duct Installation

Air duct replacement can be done in sections of your system or as an entire replacement, depending on which will best address the problems of your particular system. American Attic’s trained technicians will evaluate your system and formulate the most cost-effective plan to prevent the recurrence of problems.

Is It Time to Replace
My Air duct?

While your air duct system is made to last for years, eventually you may need to replace it. Air ducts can be old, full of dust/dirt, crushed or damaged by rodents. One telling sign that it is time to replace your ducts is an especially dusty home, which can be caused by damaged air ducts. The smell of mildew around your air ducts also may indicate the presence of mold inside your air ducts. A home that never gets cold or warm enough, despite having an efficient HVAC unit, may also have air ducts that are not working properly.

You Need Experts Who Can
Do the Job Correctly

Proper installation is of new air ducts is critical to reduce your home’s energy costs and increase your HVAC system’s effectiveness. Our team has the experience and expertise to complete the work to perfection, providing you with years of added comfort and efficiency. Don’t put off having having more efficient air flow in your home. We at American Attic value your business, and our team will work tirelessly to complete your job on-time and within budget. Whether you are replacing existing air ducts or you need a new system installed, we can help you!

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