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Rodent-Proofing Your Home

rodent-proofing your home
rodent-proofing your home

Rodent-Proofing Your Home

Rats and mice are known to spread deadly diseases and cause damage to your homes. One way to keep them at bay is by rodent-proofing your home. Whether you’ve already noticed signs of rodent infestation or you just want to take preventive measures. 

Continue reading to find out simple ways you can rodent-proof your home.


To keep mice and rodents away is to check your home for cracks, holes, or any ways for them to have access in your home.

Check the condition of the weather seals at the bottom edges of garage doors. If your garage is insulated, a rodent may make a comfortable home there. Regularly Inspect your attic, because rats enjoy the warmth of insulation. 

However, no totally effective rodent-proof insulation is currently available on the market, however, spray foam insulation may help keep rats away.


The attic is the highest point on your property, you should trim any tree branches that might allow rats with roof access. Remove any additional means that rats could climb your house to get to the roof or windows.


This is a bit of an added preventive tip, but it is still helpful. Eliminate any food source that may invite mice by ensuring that your food is properly stored and that food is not left out in the open.

Given that mice may survive on 3 grams of food each day, you must ensure that even little problems such as crumbs or stains are cleaned up right away. This will ensure that the mice are unable to establish a colony or obtain sufficient resources to live in your attic.


Rodents may build nests out of nearly any organic material, including cotton, wood, paper, and attic insulation. If you have attic storage, be certain it is secured in an airtight plastic container. It is recommended not to store clothing or bedding in cardboard boxes or inadequately sealed plastic bags in your attic. 

Rodents can rip through cardboard and flimsy plastic, destroying whatever fabric material you have stored. Be cautious with any stored furniture or upholstered goods. Rodents will chew on these items as well.


The only way to completely eliminate rats from your home is to prevent them from infesting your home in the first place.

Temporary solutions such as poison and snap traps can be effective in eliminating existing rats in your house, but they will do nothing to prevent future infestations. Also, pest control chemicals are very hazardous to pets and children, making them inappropriate for household use.

Professional rodent-proofing companies start by inspecting your house to see whether you have a current infestation. They then check every inch of your home, noting any gaps or crevices through which rats can enter. 

After inspecting your home, the team will set to work sealing off any possible rodent entry points. Rodent-proof wire mesh and professional sealant are the most commonly used sealing tools. When gaps between doors and windows become too big, weather stripping or the door itself must be replaced.


When it comes to rodent-proofing your attic, it is not a smart idea to do the job on your own. Although the advantages of rodent-proofing your attic are numerous, it is critical that this job be completed in the most efficient manner possible.

A professional can do the job properly, with the help of the right tools & equipment. Oftentimes, homeowners fail to completely rodent-proof their homes.


Rodent proofing services by American Attic help keep pests out of your home, especially in your attic and crawl space. Our rodent cleanup process at American Attic involves removing all feces and any dead animals, then completing our rodent proofing procedure to make sure that no more rodents can gain access to your attic or crawl space area. 

Don’t let rodents and other pests get comfortable in your home. Contact us today and we can help!

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