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Radiant Barrier

How Does A Radiant Barrier Works

Radiant Barrier Radiant barriers are built in homes, typically in attics. They are installed to minimize summer heat absorption and cooling expenses. The barriers are made of a highly reflective material that reflects rather than absorbs radiant heat. They do not, however, inhibit heat conduction in the same way as thermal insulation materials do. Continue… Continue reading Radiant Barrier

Attic Radiant Barrier: Is it Worth the Money?

Attic Radiant Barrier: Is It Worth the Money?

Many homeowners question if the cost of installing radiant barriers is really worth it.  Radiant barriers are usually installed in attics, to minimize the amount of heat that enters your home.  Radiant barriers will undoubtedly help you in lowering your cooling cost during the summer months. So, is it worth it? According to the Department… Continue reading Attic Radiant Barrier: Is it Worth the Money?

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