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Using Radiant Barrier in Crawl Spaces


Using Radiant Barrier in CrawlSpaces

The installation of a radiant barrier to help maintain heat in the floor above the crawlspace is easy. The most simple way is to staple the radiant barrier foil across the bottom of the floor joists, resulting in a single reflective layer.

Ideally, there should be an air gap between the current insulation between the joists and the radiant barrier, but even if there isn’t one, it will still work since there will be an air space between the foil and the ground.

You should use both radiant barrier and traditional insulation because the application is below a conditioned area. You can use a single layer of radiant barrier foil and foam board, spray foam, or traditional batt insulation. 

Foil-fiberglass and bubble foil aren’t ideal for this application since R-value and reflectivity are required. If you purchase the radiant barrier and traditional insulation separately and then combine them yourself, you will receive the highest return on your investment.

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